Shahzad Chughtai

Chief Executive Officer

Shazhad Chughtai founded RSM TopJobs Ltd over 5 Years ago and has brought many years of business experience to the company. Graduating from the School of life and working for a successful law firm, he became quite aware of certain niches in the market such as the medical sector, setting up two companies specialising in the Medical Agency generating medical reports that can be presented in the county courts taking on a panels of Doctors from different professional backgrounds and expert experiences covering the whole United Kingdom when required, which tied in beautifully to the second business, that being an accident claims company, sister company to the same law firm.
The next phase to his entrepreneurial spirit from the Medical Agency was to get into the Care Sector this being his passion, supplying trained Healthcare staff to various establishments in London including Care homes, Nursing homes, NHS Trust, GP surgeries, Domiciliary Care and Residential Care and is also looking to expand in the private sector to public sector. It is this level of detail that has made Shahzad one of the larger competitors in the industry sector and is now franchising the business.

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