Hospital Discharge Care

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Each hospital will have its own policy and arrangements for discharging patients. Normally, when you arrive in hospital the professionals in charge of your care will develop a plan for your treatment including your discharge or transfer.

The hospital discharge process can be a critical time for patients and their carers. After a period of illness they may be suffering from temporary or permanent impairment and may need assistance not previously required (including physical adaptations to their home and support services) in order to resume living at home. Discharge can thus be a point of life crisis and so needs to be handled with the full involvement of patients and professional carers.

Despite noticeable efforts in hospitals there remain a number of recurring problems that we can help with when your loved one needs assistance getting back on their feet.


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Asking for any kind of assistance in the privacy of your own home is a big decision. As a small locally based company, customer care is paramount to our community based service. We deliver Domiciliary Care which is carefully tailored made to suit your individual needs and requirements. Domiciliary care agencies are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (Commonly known as CQC).

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