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Live-in care provides you with a Carer living in your home, and is perfect for those people who prefer to stay in the comfort of familiar surroundings.


What to consider with Live in Care

There are many things to consider when contemplating how to handle the care of a loved one. The choice whether to opt for Live-in Care or to place your loved one in a Care Home really comes down to choosing a greater level of independence and flexibility or a more fixed regiment.

Whilst Care Homes suit the care needs of some individuals, there are many that are looking for an alternative. Live-in Care is the ideal solution for those that want to retain their independence, offering bespoke one-to-one support assistance in your own home on your own terms. Live-in Care offers the flexibility of simple things such eating what you want, going to bed when you want, and watching what you like on television. These may seem straight forward requests but the importance cannot be underestimated when considering the mental well-being of your loved one; beloved pets get to stay home too! The benefits of allowing the elderly to retain their individuality and independence in their later years cannot be overlooked; this is particularly true for dementia conditions where maintaining continuity and familiarity of routine is especially important.

With the flexibility of live in Care in London, the family can visit on their own schedule and can have more hands on involvement if they choose to. A bespoke support plan, delivered on a one-to-one basis, is a level of personal care that Care Homes cannot compete with. Whilst the costs of Live-in care and Care Homes are comparable, the level of personalized care certainly isn’t.

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