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Nursing is about helping others to recover and sustain the best quality of life possible. At RSM Care Services we specialise in providing nursing jobs to the NHS Trust and Healthcare sector covering a wide range of services for learning disabilities, mental health problems, community nursing, rehabilitation and others.

Reg. Mental Nursing

Registered Mental Nursing – RMN’s is very complex and varied. It has been reported that one in three people suffer from mental health problems in some capacity; therefore it can be very hard at times to not only detect but deal with. A nurse of this kind, perhaps even more so than others, must have a warm but strong and patient personality. It can often involve being based in community health centres and specialist units rather than regular hospitals.

Similarly, working with patients who have learning difficulties can involve much the same, though often on a different scale. Nurses in this sector will also be more involved in the community and may be required to visit users in school or at home and help them develop as a person.

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