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This privacy policy delineates the scope and usage of information collected by RSM Topjobs on our website (s). Read this privacy & cookies policy carefully. If you do not accept our privacy & cookies policy as described hereby then please do not submit any data or personal information to us. You are strictly advised to visit this page and read through carefully before submitting any information to us. For the reference, ‘we’ means RSM Topjobs and ‘our’ / ‘us’ shall be construed accordingly. ‘You’ means website user (s), any individual or company, a visitor or an applicant and/or whosoever browsing this site and/or may intend to use this website for sharing of information, whereas ‘your’ shall be construed accordingly. This policy is effective from May 25, 2018.

Collection and Use of Your Shared Information

RSM Topjobs collects and uses your shared information to facilitate you with recruitment functions/ processes /services as per your request to avail our aforementioned services. We collect your data which is usually comprised of your name, contact details (phone/email/location) and other information contained in your CV. All the information you share with us is requested, stored, accessed, processed, shared and used by RSM Topjobs to:

Analyze your data against jobs vacancies available with us and which we may find suitable for you as per information provided by you.
Store your information in our highly secured cloud database system.
Share your information with our clients/partners as shortlisted applicants in order to put forward your information for their assessment for eligibility against the available job vacancies.
In order to let you submit your CV for applying at job postings advertised by RSM Topjobs.
In order to let you submit your CV for our CV bank so as to consider your information for any future vacancy matching your eligibility criteria.
In order to let you submit your CV at any form (s) published at the website (s) of RSM Topjobs.
In order to contact you to communicate you regarding job opportunities, career guidance, checking for eligibility, interview appointments, training courses and/or other support.
To send you promotional offers, newsletters and details of training courses in which we believe you may be interested in.
With third parties wherever we are legally bound to disclose your information to check it against legal compliance in order to comply with any applicable laws and court orders.
With our clients/partners/stakeholders whosoever we are engaged with to deliver our services as requested.
For qualification, references and background checks.
For the purpose of verification of information shared by you.

Additional Information

For all those individuals who are being or likely to be employed by RSM Tojpbs may be required to share additional information in order to facilitate employment process, legal compliance, official requirements and payment services. This additional information may include national identification number, visa details and bank account details. This information will be stored only as long as you are employed or under the process of employment. We will delete this information once you are not employed with RSM Topjobs anymore or the process of employment is not accomplished for whatsoever reasons. The above mentioned additional information criteria is tentative. We may need additional information from you depending upon the circumstances and requirements, with explicit communication regarding that and after acquiring free consent from you.

Who Can Access Your Information?

The information you share with us may be accessed and processed by personnel working at RSM Topjobs, our clients, our partners and/or our affiliates. We ensure that your information is accessed by only authorized people associated/affiliated with RSM Topjobs.

Information Security

We take strict and cautious measures to ensure that your information is duly and lawfully processed. We secure and safeguard all informational transaction on our website (s). We are using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on our website(s) to ensure the security and confidentiality of information exchange. However no informational transaction over internet can be deemed as 100% secure considering the scope of internet. We endeavor to employ all available means to keep your data secure and protected from any illegal or unauthorized access.

Changes to this Policy

If RSM Topjobs intended to make any updates / changes to this policy, we will post it to this page so as to let you inform about our revised policy. You are strictly advised to visit this page and read through carefully before submitting any information.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small data files which may reside on your computer in order to enhance your web experience by making it faster and personalized. The cookies let you navigate through web pages very fastly and store your preferences of navigation in order to improve your experience of the website. RSM Topjobs however, is currently not using cookies on this site and no first party cookies are stored on this website. For every visitor who visits this website, it makes them a new visitor since we do not store cookies to recognize you on this website. RSM Topjobs does not store cookies so sharing/selling/advertising of cookies with any third parties is beyond the scope of this website.

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